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At American Auctions • Liquidations • Appraisals, Inc., your successful auction is our business! Our auctions can be conducted right on your premises, at one of our auction facilities and over the Internet! We take care of everything from the marketing right through to the removal of your items. Our on/off site auction team prepares an inventory of the items and organizes everything in an orderly fashion before the big day.

At the start of each auction, all bidders are required to register and agree to the terms of the sale before being permitted to enter the sale site. At the start of each auction, all bidders are instructed as to when they will be permitted to remove their items. You can be sure that members of our auction team are present to oversee the entire process.

In addition to marketing your auction in newspapers, trade publications, faxes and direct mailers from our extensive mailing list, your auction will be posted on our company’s website complete with the inventory list and photographs. This enables viewers to browse through the items available and ask any questions they might have before the big day.
Internet-based auctions bring our auction services to distant markets. Auction participants can view asset descriptions and photographs online and bid online in real time against on-site bidders as well as other Internet bidders.

Why American Auctions Stand Out

Site Inspection

  • Site surveyed, inventory, and photos taken.


  • Custom advertisements
  • Direct marketing using targeted lists
  • Trade & newspaper advertising
  • E-mail, fax & online advertising


  • Lotting techniques designed for maximum sale results
  • Inventory cataloging
  • Managed online Listing

Auction Day

  • Register bidders, assign paddle number, see that terms & conditions contract signed by all attendee’s
  • Inspection and Preview of items
  • Collection of deposits instantly upon award of bid
  • Fully computerized reports
  • Audio/Video taped auctions upon request


  • Payment collections from successful bidders
  • Supervised removal
  • Detailed reporting, including sale results
  • Sale of any passed items from auction day

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